27 08 2008

I just wanted to recommend a great website that I found a while ago. I decided sometime in July that I wanted to unload a lot of the books that I had been moving around for years and never had the desire to re-read. I had maybe 20 books that I really couldn’t part with and maybe 30 more that I could care less about. I looked on to see if I could get a decent price for them and many of them were selling for a dollar or less. It basically meant that after shipping fees, I’d lose a couple of dollars in order to sell them. Then I stumbled upon

Bookmooch is basically a book swap site. You get 1/10th of a point for each book you list in your inventory and when  you get a full point (aka listing 10 books on the site), you can look through someones inventory and request a book that they want to get rid of. They’ll pay the shipping fee and send it off to you. In exchange, they also get your point and can then use that to get a new book for themselves.

I very quickly listed about 30 books and was able to, in a matter of weeks, get rid of about 15 of them. I’ve accumulated 24 points and requested 3 new books. I also have credits for 21 more and the total cost to me was about $30 in shipping charges. Basically, I never have to buy a book again. I can keep recycling a book that I got from the site back into my inventory and get my point back after I’ve finished reading it.

It’s really a great site and if you’re looking to unload books, I highly recommend it. Give it a shot and list 10 books that you really don’t care about. I guarantee you’ll be come an addict like I have.




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