Sarah Palin

3 09 2008

I withheld any comment on Sarah Palin until tonight.  I just watched her speech and now I feel like I can say something that has a little information behind it.  I first heard the name Sarah Palin 6 days ago and over the coming week leading up to her speech, she seemed more like a celebrity then a politician.  It was all scandals and teen pregnancies like the Palins were the new Spears family.  Up until tonight, I couldn’t pass proper judgment on her because I don’t make my political decisions based on tabloid fodder (that sadly has come from mostly major media sources like CNN). The only thing that I could say for sure was that the base of the party, those that would be called the ultra right wingers, definitely like this lady.  My sister in law is a Republican through and through and she was ecstatic with Palin as a choice.  It definitely solidified these votes and energized these voters that might have just stayed home when it was just a McCain ticket.

Before I get into my reaction to Sarah Palin, I just want to go on a quick tangent about the other speakers.  The other major speakers were Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, and Rudy Giuliani.  I was actually pretty excited because they’re some heavy hitters in the Republican party.  I was, for the most part, disappointed.  Romney was flat, uninteresting, and did nothing to excite me or, it seemed, many people at the convention.  Huckabee was ok but I didn’t hear anything of substance.  You very well could have put him in a cheerleader uniform, then shuddered at the sight of Mike Huckabee in a cheerleading uniform, before sending him out to the podium.  Giuliani was just an ass.  He showed no class and was standing up there like he was some kind of comedian.  It was just a speech full of zingers intended to get a reaction.  I guess that was his role, to rile up the crowd before Palin came out, but I still felt dirty after listening to him. It was just painful.

Let’s move on to the woman of the hour. There’s really just one word that I can use to describe her debut: impressive.  I disagree with her on some major social issues.  I’m anti-gun and pro-choice but in her role as VP, I don’t really see her influence extending to these areas.  During the speech, she highlighted some of the major strengths that she can bring to the ticket.  Obviously, she deferred to McCain on many of the major issues but she definitely showed that she was a fiscally sound, which is a major political stance of the Republican party (and me).  She appealed to small town Americans, the steel workers and working class people that Obama has been hard pressed to convince.  She advocated for special needs kids, an often overlooked group.  Most of all, however, she gave many moderate Hilary supporters a reason to vote for her .  When she was first picked, the reaction of a lot of people was that women would feel patronized by the pick.  They didn’t have any valid reason to vote for her because they didn’t know anything about her.  After the strong showing tonight, she gave a lot of these moderate or independent women voters an exciting, strong, real woman to put in the White House.

Obviously, we still need to hear from McCain tomorrow and all the candidates will be put to the test during the debates, but Palin was a great choice.  It gave McCain his best chance to win this election and it will probably be as tight a race as the last few years.  After Obama’s acceptance speech last week and seeing McCain on the campaign trail, I didn’t think McCain had a chance.  I thought it was going to be a blowout in November. Sarah Palin was a game changer tonight.

Good job, Sarah Palin.

This just became a much more interesting race.




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