5 09 2008

I’m making my first e-posting via my IPhone so forgive me if there are any spelling mistakes. Typing on an IPhone keypad half drunk is hard but I shall do my best. I have an hour wait at the train station so why not kill some time writing.

I’m very proud that I’m almost halfway through my 30 day challenge and I still have a list of topics to talk about. In 14 days so far, I’ve had over 300 page views, so thank you to everyone who has supported me in this challenge by reading and commenting.

I sometimes wonder if anyone else has thought about what their favorite question is. Maybe I’m just weird for having considered the topic. My personal favorite question is simple. I always ask myself and others “why?”. You believe in a god. Why? You don’t like the war. Why? America is the best country in the world. Why? Music should be free. Why? I’m not saying that you’re position is wrong, I’m just more interested in what’s behind the statement.

It’s the exact same question on wildly different topics and yet it frequently yields the same result. That result is nothing but media drive-by repetition, buzzwords, and a rash of illogical and Ill-informed opinions.

It may sound condescending but, have we all become robots? It feels like most people take an input from others, slap on some trendy buzzwords and spit it back out as their own unique, well-informed opinion. It’s just sad that people have forgotten how to think critically about important topics and form rational, objective opinions. If you think that you may be guilty of this take comfort in knowing that it’s really not your fault. Politics, media, advertising and the like have the talent and the resources to secure any outcome that they want. They’ve certainly convinced people that it’s not OK to be different, unfashionable, politically incorrect, or in any way challenge the status quo. Trust me when I tell you how much fun it is to be different. It’s exhilarating to challenge the status quo. The enjoyment of seeing the shock and awe of people when you are politically incorrect makes the subsequent shunning all that much more worth it.

So I’d like to ask some simple questions of my readers who are voters. Some say that I should vote for Barack Obama. Why? Others say that I should vote for Sarah Palin and that guy that’s running with her. (Mc-something-or-other). Why?

It’s a simple question that requires a lot of thought.




4 responses

6 09 2008

I have an iTouch iPod, and minus the phone, it does everything your iPhone does. Therefore, I commend you for typing this entry on that ridiculous keyboard. I’ll stick to my LG cell phone.

Good post. I hope you got my Facebook memo.

6 09 2008

I am too drunk to make an opinion on your why question, but I will say that i’m impressed with your ability to drunk type on an iphone. good job!

7 09 2008

I hear the iphone sucks……so maybe the typos and whatnot is because of that and not your drunkiness. =)

BTW I think your post was pretty damn good for a drunk person.

8 09 2008

I think it’s funny that all of the comments are about the Iphone… not the topic.

I wonder…. “why?”

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