Things I’ve learned

6 09 2008

40 things I’ve learned in my 26 plus years on this planet:

1) The world is an absurd place (I say this as I watch a lady take a circular grinder to a steel plate on her chest to make sparks fly off and impress a crowd of people.  I wish I could make this stuff up.)

2) A college education isn’t worth the money.  The college experience is.

3)  Sex sells in a world where selling sex is illegal and/or immoral

4) Technology advances are both our greatest achievements and our greatest hindrances

5) .7mm gel pens write the best

6) Pez is awesome

7) Any genre of music, once made too popular, will make you want to stab yourself

8 ) You’re only as old as you make yourself

9) 78% of all statistics are misleading

10) No civilized community can live without doctors, lawyers, or teachers.  Everything else is optional.

11) Everything causes cancer

12) A dad can’t be a mom and a mom can’t be a dad

13) Always carry two things: a pen and a camera

14) Tip well

15) No one will know if you bought your clothes from the thrift store

16) The net effect of religion is zero because it divides as much as it unites

17) If something can be done in under 5 minutes, do it now

18) Give away your books

19) Never live anywhere for too long

20) Sleep when you’re dead

21) Don’t focus on the things that make us different but the things that make us the same

22) Your history teacher lied to you because historians lied to them

23) Scare yourself sometimes

24) Cartoons are awesome

25) Do something that you love and you’ll never work a day in your life

26) Don’t stop at what, always strive for why

27) You’re weird to somebody.  Embrace it.  There’s nothing wrong with being weird.

28) Simpler is usually better

29) Two words: Quiet Confidence

30) Don’t text and drive

31) Nothing goes better with a cold beer then a group of friends to drink it with

32) A well thought out tattoo can encompass the great stories of your life

33) Human beings are not programmed to tend towards monogamy

34) Tequila is evil

35) The house always wins

36) Everybody should delve into electric blues music

37) Video games are better then real life

38) Always remember that today might be your last.  Be sure to live in a way that would make you proud of that last day

39) Everyone should jump out of a plane at least once in their life

40) Above all other things: family first




3 responses

7 09 2008

Love it!

7 09 2008

You seem to have it all figured out, I’m jelous! I’m too wishy-washy for my own good. I wish I had my head screwed on straight and really knew what I stood for?

8 09 2008

Above all things… family first

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