21 09 2008

As you might have figured out from reading through the blog, I was not able to complete my 30 day challenge.  I had gone about 25 of the 30 days as of Thursday.  I had a long day at work, then had to go to grad class, and had a major headache.  I literally came home and fell asleep right away, with my clothes still on.  Friday, I’ll admit, I was simply too drunk to type.  So did I fail?  By the strictest interpretation of the challenge, absolutely.  But, to me, it doesn’t really matter.  I’ve learned a lot about myself during the challenge and was able to start a new hobby.  I’ve found out how much I really enjoy writing and how much sifting through your own thoughts can allow you to realize things about yourself and your views on life that you never realized.  I have no plan on stopping the writing that I’m doing just because the challenge is over.  So, in a sense, it really wasn’t a failure.  The whole point of the 30 day challenge was to try something new for 30 days and commit to it to see if it’s something that you’ll enjoy.  I know that after only 25 days, I definitely enjoy doing this.   I probably won’t post EVERY day as there were certainly days during the last month that I was hard pressed to find something to write about.

Either way, I’m pretty proud that there are about 22 really solid pieces of writing already.  I think there will be many more to come.  My hope is that if you like something particular that I wrote, or if it stirred some emotion in you, that you’ll pass along the link to your friends or family to read as well.  It feels really good to check the site every day and see that you had 15-20 people read your thoughts.  Heck, there were a couple of posts that exceeded 50 views.  Overall, I’m sitting at over 650 page views in 25 postings.  Not too shabby.  I’d love to gain more readers so please help me out and spread the word.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to comment.  I enjoy the debate that comes along with sharing your thoughts.  Be sure to check back every couple of days and comment away on the new stuff that will be coming.




2 responses

23 09 2008

I’m still proud of you Dave… even if your a failure.

23 09 2008

At least I know when to use your and when to use you’re 😉

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