New Site Design

24 09 2008

As you can see, the site has been completely redesigned and renamed.  Since I’m no longer using this as my thirty day challenge, the title was no longer appropriate.  I changed the name to “The Butterfly Effect” because I thought it was appropriate for what I’m trying to do.  I don’t really promote this blog, except to let my friends know when it’s been updated via myspace or facebook.  My hope is that the small amount of knowledge that the 20-30 page views that I get per posting conveys will have a ripple effect.  The butterfly effect is actually a mathematical situation.  It basically says that if you make even a minute change in the starting conditions of some scenario, it can have a tremendous impact down the road.   That’s the expectation that I have.  I hope that I can help inform my 20-30 readers, who will then spread that knowedge or act upon it in their own life.  Maybe I’ll change a few perspectives of people who will then change a few perspectives.

So welcome to The Butterfly Effect.  Change you can really believe in.   (Hey, everyone else is using it)




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